Prohibited Driving Areas
Unless explicitly stated beforehand, renters are prohibited from driving the rented vehicles on beaches or off-road terrain.

Insurance Coverage
All our vehicles are insured. In the event of an incident, the maximum financial liability for the renter is capped at 20,000 THB.

Island Restriction
Vehicles must not leave the island without prior authorization. Unauthorized departures will incur a 25% markup on the rental charge.

Emergency and Accident Protocol
In the case of an emergency or accident, renters are required to contact Agaya Cars as the first point of contact for assistance and guidance.

Pick Up and Drop Off Service
Our optional pick-up and drop-off service is available at a charge of 500 THB each way. This service should be arranged in advance to ensure availability.

By proceeding with the rental, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in additional charges or the termination of the rental agreement.