We have a variety of servicing options available, dependent on your vehicle requirements and budget.

We are happy to discuss your servicing needs and provide a free price estimate before going ahead with any work. Any additional work required will be pre-approved by you and we will only change for the parts when they are required or scheduled for replacement.

Our fully trained technicians have the technical expertise to service your vehicle to the highest standard providing exceptional customer care, outstanding value and complete peace of mind.

Our approach to servicing vehicles, boats and generators

This service does not affect your manufacturer’s warranty and is exactly as your main dealer provides, often at a fraction of the cost.

All servicing includes either genuine parts or high-quality aftermarket parts, depending on your budget requirements, and we always use the correct oil specifications to your car. We are independent specialists in the servicing of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mazda, Toyota and many more.

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“Your local car air conditioning specialists”

At Agaya Cars, we have fully trained air conditioning specialists to provide a high-quality service for the maintenance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, from annual servicing to general fault and leak finding. 

Your vehicles air conditioning is charged up with gas, which over time dissipates from the system. Around 10% of the gas is lost each year preventing the air conditioning from performing to its full potential. It is advised that the air conditioning system is checked in your vehicle a minimum of every 2 years. The A/C service is not included as part of your regular car service so if your car is over 2 years old, it may be due to a re-charge.

It’s important to look after your vehicle air conditioning

Over time condensation builds up on the evaporator and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. If your A/C doesn’t smell as fresh as it once did, this is the reason. When not in regular use, run your air conditioning for a minimum of 10 minutes every week.

An Air Conditioning service can normally be done while you wait and takes around an hour, pre-booking is required. We recommend adding this as part of an annual car servicing routine.

What the Air Conditioning Service Involves:

We tailor your air conditioning service to your requirements and the issues that you are having with your system.

We pressure test all A/C systems with nitrogen prior to filling an empty system. Nitrogen is an inert gas which is less harmful to the environment as it makes up 78% of our atmosphere. This pressure test allows us to search for any leaks within the system and repair them accordingly. If there is a leak, we will aim to locate the leak and report with full costings of any repairs required.

If no pressure loss is present at the time of test, we will then continue to recharge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant, we will also add a special UV dye so if there are any further issues with loss of gas it can be traced using a UV light.

A vehicle may have a correct gas pressure but there are other faults causing the A/C to stop working. We test the system to find your fault and report back to you with costings for any repairs needed.


  • Have your air conditioning system checked every 1-2 years.
  • When not in regular use run your air conditioning for 10 minutes every week.
  • Once you exceed 40 miles per hour wind up your window and turn on the A/C, it is more fuel-efficient.


Dealer Level Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic equipment is one of the most indispensable tools required for modern vehicle repair. Using the latest vehicle diagnostics, we can read faults shown on your vehicle and either clear the fault memory or configure replacement parts. We can read faults on almost every make and model of vehicle. Our aim is to find your fault quickly resulting in lower labour charges.

Our Equipment

We operate dealer level equipment allowing us full access to all control units and vehicle information. With direct links to the manufacturers, we are able to carry out software updates and re-programming, keeping up to date with the latest changes.


    It is important to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or if your vehicle is safe to drive and requires investigation in the near future. If your vehicle is displaying a warning light find a safe place to stop, turn the ignition off and remove the key for 5 minutes. If the fault is still there when you restart the car then give us a call.

    We can advise you on any warning lights and provide information on whether the car is safe to drive.  If you continue to use your vehicle with a warning light on it may cause further damage and expense and could be dangerous.

    It’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle handbook in your car as it should give you a detailed explanation of the warning lights and what action you should take.

    Whatever the vehicle we have many options of reading the fault code that caused the warning light to illuminate. Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and advise of the next steps.

      Other Services


      If your exhaust is noisy, rattling or leaking we will check it free of charge and advise you of the best solution.

      Your exhaust is designed to reduce engine noise and pollutants into the atmosphere. Modern vehicles are fitted with sensors that work in conjunction with the engine management system, reducing gases and pollutants and maintaining fuel efficiency.

      We carry out all exhaust repairs and replacements.


      It is vital that your brakes are kept in good working order. Driving with faulty brakes may put you and other road users at risk. Over time your brake fluid will absorb moisture, this lowers its boiling point eventually causing faults with the brakes on your vehicle.

      Our technicians can carry out work on your entire braking system- including the replacement of standard parts (pads, shoes, hoses and fluid) to servicing discs, drums, callipers and master cylinders. We supply and fit all leading brands.


      Your battery stores the energy built up by your vehicle until it is ready to use. Your vehicle’s battery is the only power source for starting your vehicle and the Bosch range of batteries are proven to have a greater starting power than most other brands.

      Over time your battery can lose its charge capability and battery failure is the number one reason for breakdown in Thailand.

      We will check your battery with the latest testing equipment which flags any faults before failure. If necessary, we can replace your battery with a new one. We normally are able to supply you with one within the hour.


      Your vehicles suspension is designed to reduce the vibrations and undulations from the road surface and provide you with a comfortable drive. The shock absorbers and coil springs work together to absorb the impact of the roads surface and keep your vehicle stable.

      Our qualified technicians can carry out all types of repairs to your vehicle’s suspension system from replacement of bushes to major overhauls.


      There are different types of power steering systems and we at Agaya Cars have the expertise to deal with them all.

      Faulty or wrongly adjusted steering can cause excessive tyre and suspension wear and can also be a danger to yourself and other road users.

      We use Laser Wheel Alignment to ensure that your vehicles tracking and 4-wheel alignment is adjusted to the manufacturer’s specification, with a high degree of accuracy. This can increase fuel economy, reduce tyre wear, improve vehicle handling and increase comfort.


      We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient turnaround of repairs, and bodywork is no exception.

      Approved by all insurance companies nationally, we can deal with insurance repairs promptly and professionally. All accident repairs are carried out, no matter how big or small- from removal of dents, scuffs and scratches to alloy wheel restoration and re-spraying vehicles. We provide free estimates and a courtesy car can be arranged.


      We supply and provide free fitting on high quality Bosch Wipers and Bulbs to most vehicles.

      We hold most parts in stock and can fit while you wait.


      We supply and fit all sizes and makes of tyres at highly competitive prices. If we don’t hold a particular tyre in stock, we can usually order one for you and fit it within 24 hours.

      In some cases, a new tyre is not required, we carry out puncture repairs and can also repair run-flat tyres.

      The legal limit for tyre treads is 1.6mm. We will happily check your tyre treads free of charge.

      We use Laser Wheel Alignment to ensure that your vehicles tracking and 4-wheel alignment is adjusted to the manufacturer’s specification, with a high degree of accuracy. This can increase fuel economy, reduce tyre wear, improve vehicle handling and increase comfort.

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